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Mduduzi Moyo is the serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and has transformed people’s lives, health and education systems in Africa.MduMoyo He is the Chairman and the founder of Mpilo Royal™ Group International http://www.mpiloroyal.com which owns group of companies dedicated to improve people’s lives including Mpilo Royal™ College Of Health Education, Mpilo Royal™ Information and Technology, Mpilo Royal™ Primary and High School, Mpilo Royal™ Business School, Mpilo Royal™ Corporate Training, Mpilo Royal™ Coaching and Consulting, Mpilo Royal™ Estate and Mpilo Royal™ Farming.

He has established Mdumoyo Foundation that is benefiting disadvantaged schools in rural and urban areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation is also paving its way to improve Universal Health Coverage in sub-Saharan Africa and other part of the world in need. Today he is transforming education systems of disadvantaged schools in rural areas by building their Identities, Computer Centres and libraries through his foundation.

Mdumoyo.com’s 2030 vision is to build Mpilo Royal Hospital which will be the biggest hospital in Africa that will be used to produce postgraduates,Master's Degree and PhD in Faculty of Health and Science. #LoveAndSupport #VisionMpiloRoyalHospital2030.

  Mduduzi Moyo is a Zimbabwean who came to South Africa in 2005 as a student. He lives with his wife in Johannesburg, South Africa and he is the father of two, a daughter and son.

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